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Enjoy Minded

Enjoy Minded
Enjoy Minded

Meet new people, make new friends and explore new places in your city

Each year millions of people around the world move to new cities, graduate from university, end long-term relationships or make some big lifestyle change that makes their local social circle perish. The Enjoy Minded platform helps those people meet others, make friends and explore new places. Users can create or join hangouts on Enjoy Minded to meet others with similar interests, browse profiles of nearby users, exchange one-to-one messages or group chat in a hangout to break the ice before meeting face to face.

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Hacktory is a gamified platform for cybersecurity training that emulates real cases to teach how to use techniques of ethical hackers.

Hacktory is a gamified e-learning platform for cybersecurity training. The platform emulates real cases to show how to use the tools and techniques of ethical hackers and help people of any entrance level to become security professionals. With strong theory support and interactive lessons, it builds practical skills necessary for the qualification.

Location: New York City , USA

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