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Enjoy Minded

Enjoy Minded
Enjoy Minded

Meet new people, make new friends and explore new places in your city

Each year millions of people around the world move to new cities, graduate from university, end long-term relationships or make some big lifestyle change that makes their local social circle perish. The Enjoy Minded platform helps those people meet others, make friends and explore new places. Users can create or join hangouts on Enjoy Minded to meet others with similar interests, browse profiles of nearby users, exchange one-to-one messages or group chat in a hangout to break the ice before meeting face to face.

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PROCESIO allows to orchestrate & automate end-to-end business processes with enterprise-grade no-code low-code technology

Our recent breakthroughs in no-code software development technology have showed us that we can empower our clients to build software 10x faster and 45x cheaper than through a traditional hard-coded approach.

A collaborative PaaS such as PROCESIO allows non-technical employees to build their own software applications and workflows visually without writing code, and pass the more complex tasks to developers if necessary, all within the same platform.

This flexibility provides the necessary agility to adapt to fast market changes, without having to invest heavily in developers or risk ‘shadow IT’.

Location: Bucharest, Romania

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