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Decent alternative hardware firmware IDE

skiiiD is a hardware firmware IDE for the development boards.
Now, Arduino Mega and Arduino Uno are compatible. It contains datasheet information in skiiiD's own library.
70+ components are in the list with a library with auto-complete / autofill features.

Location: Seoul, Korea

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Postpace helps writers, bloggers, speakers, marketers and content marketing teams to save hours of time with data analysis & workflow automation.

Postpace is a topic research automation and content brief building tool for writers, bloggers, marketers, and teams. Postpace saves time in the research process by automating data scraping, analysis, and recommendation. It provides a full overview of the topic by analyzing the top 15-20 organic results from Google search for any keyword. Postpace content fetching engine automatically removes all noises from any given webpages and breaks down the article into smaller easy to understand metrics in a single dashboard. This saves users hours from manual research and topic study.

Location: Montreuil, France

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