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Clone & embed royalty-free viral quizzes, lists, and polls

Riddle is the first viral content marketplace - think Getty Images for viral quizzes, lists, and polls.

Interactive content is powerful for engaging and growing audiences but requires time and expertise to create.

With Riddle's marketplace, publishers and brands can quickly grab high-quality interactive content for their audience, written by hand-selected viral experts.

Content is either free to embed 'as is' - with a makeover to match the look and feel of their site, but with no editing the text, images, and author attribution.

Or, they can buy a license from the creator (they set the price - starting at $5) - and change anything and everything about it, to make this version uniquely theirs.

Publishers get viral content - creators get rewarded. Simple and scalable, with built-in lead generation to collect user email addresses and responses to marketing campaigns.

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entre news

entre news
entre news

entre news — Entrepreneur-friendly news

entre news is a website that offers solutions to entrepreneurs for their steady research on related news and articles for their projects. We know that your time is really precious, and we're doing our best to save it, or spend it on productive ways, by means of the informations provided by our site. Our manually filtered news done by genuine professionals will make you to reach your targets and goals easier.

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