ErnestButler vs Sir-Mix-A-Bot



Create impressive customer personas and make better product & marketing decisions

Create detailed customers personas!

Easily create and manage customers personas as detailed as you want with over 75 characteristics. Including specific parameters for B2B, e-commerce, gaming, offline, etc.

Must-have tool for marketers, designers, UX managers, product managers and agile engineering teams.

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Sir-Mix-A-Bot is the home bartender for the cocktail crafter and DIY builder. Our technology is open source and we love to share our findings and recipes!

Sir-Mix-A-Bot is the robotic bartender that evolved from a side project into a full production venture. We move forward in the name of delicious mixed drinks! We don't presell hardware that will never be made. Sir-Mix-A-Bot is ready to order and ready to run. We've made almost every component open source so we can continue to improve the concept.

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