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Grade essays quickly and efficiently using our AI enabled grading tool revolutionizes the grading process for educators, providing a quick and efficient solution for assessing essays. Our AI-enabled platform offers:

Efficient Grading:

Streamlines the grading process, allowing educators to handle large volumes of essays swiftly.
AI-Enabled Accuracy:

Utilizes advanced AI algorithms for accurate and consistent essay evaluation.
Time-Saving Benefits:

Significantly reduces the time spent on routine grading, enabling educators to focus on more strategic aspects of teaching.
High-Quality Feedback:

Assigns grades and provides specific feedback to enhance the learning process for students.
Consistency Across Assessments:

Maintains consistency in grading across different essays and submissions.
Customizable Criteria:

Allows educators to customize grading criteria based on assignment requirements.
User-Friendly Interface:

Boasts an intuitive design for accessibility and ease of use.
Secure and Confidential:

Prioritizes the privacy and security of student data through stringent protocols.
Join thousands of educators using to reduce grading loads and provide valuable feedback efficiently. Elevate your grading process with the power of AI, fostering a culture of continuous improvement in writing skills.

Location: Dallas, United States

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Socia Commerce

Socia Commerce
Socia Commerce

Turn your Instagram account into online store

Socia Commerce is the easiest way for people using Instagram to sell products/services to turn their Instagram account into the shoppable online store without any technical background.

Adding new items to your online store is done automatically by using hashtags in your Instagram post.
Retain and grow their customers by having them in mail lists in your own online store.
Get paid easily through your online store as it comes with PayPal / Stripe integration ready.
It's you OWN store, your OWN domain, and your OWN customers.

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