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Location: Dallas, United States

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Thin iPhone Cases by Totallee

Thin iPhone Cases by Totallee
Thin iPhone Cases by Totallee

Super thin and almost invisible phone cases.

Matthias' goal was to create and grow a portfolio of e-commerce consumer product brands that put great care into the products they sell and the people they sell them to. He realized that the Internet allows for new companies to create higher quality products at lower prices and offer better service by selling directly to customers. For the first brand, totallee, he was looking for a way to elevate a boring but popular consumer product. When totallee started in 2013 most iPhone cases were very bulky, cheaply made or poorly designed. Most companies catered to people looking for extreme protection or cases with fun designs. Matthias identified a market gap for more refined and stylistically discrete cases. So totallee was built around the idea of creating a product for people looking for an understated, no-nonsense, quality phone case. A simple and well-made product. Nothing more and nothing less.
Specifically, our cases help with:
- adding grip to your phone to make it less slippery
- adding extra scratch and bump protection without adding bulk
- adding a touch of understated color to personalize your device

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