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Global cryptocurrency exchange with enterprise blockchain solutions

Bringing to you a convenient way of buying cryptocurrencies via credit or debit cards and an Enterprise offering to let corporates really reap the rewards of blockchain technology.

Location: New Delhi, India

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Remove the use of passwords altogether.

Meveto is an authentication company that completely removes the use of passwords - eliminating one of the biggest threats to any organization's security and hacker's favorite way to breach.

We utilize PKI (Private Public Key Encryption), which allows you to access your accounts locally from your phone, decentralizing your account from the cloud and servers.

Not only do we verify your customer's identity, but we completely remove sensitive data from the equation. Nothing can be hacked, no data can be breached.

The user experience:
Meveto can be accessed from any device, at any time without entering any sensitive credentials.

Similar to how you see "Login with Facebook" underneath or instead of the username & password box, you'll see "Login with Meveto".

After a user pairs their Meveto account with your website, their former credentials are no longer valid, and they can now authenticate securely with Meveto.

They'll now have access to all their accounts on their Meveto Dashboard, which they can find on their phone app, as well as their web app. They'll be able to allow their friends, family & other Meveto users use their account with our Account Sharing feature, they can log out remotely at any time, and see when they were last logged in.

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Location: Pleasanton, United States

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