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Plug & Play AI Marketing Team

Evercopy is a convenient AI-powered marketing team that helps businesses quickly and flexibly activate their marketing campaigns. We use AI technology to:

1. Develop cross-channel marketing campaigns for any company event or objective.
2. Create and schedule multimedia activities across various marketing channels.
3. Automatically optimize ads and predict future performance.

Location: Philadelphia, United States

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The Plunger Project

The Plunger Project
The Plunger Project

The Plunger Project is the only company using fun novelty items to generate positive solutions worldwide.

A plunger that looks like a smiling pile of poo! This plunger also is an awareness campaign and will give some of their profits to clean water and sanitation efforts around the world.

This plunger instantly grabs your attention and makes you laugh. The poo emoji is already popular and now they have made it into a plunger! This is a totally new take on the toilet plunger and the attention that it garners will help show your support of world-side clean water and sanitation initiatives.

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