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Our service helps to create signatures for emails for all company employees, embed various sales tools (banner, video, discount information ...), get statistics of each signature tool

Facemail – is an innovative service that can help you create, edit and manage your signatures in email correspondence. You can chose the background color, add pictures or logo of your company, links to social networks and blogs and all your contact information. Just with a couple of clicks you can at any time upgrade the signature of your email or change it. With a Facemail signature your emails will look up to date and your correspondence will be even more effective.

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HIGH5 is a free strengths test that helps people find what they are naturally good at.

HIGH5 is a free strengths test that helps:
1) individuals to identify their unique talents and character traits and to live a life of fulfillment;
2) organizations to increase their employee engagement, performance and retention.

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

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