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A browser plugin to discover high-quality articles without compromising privacy.

FeatherFeed is an easy-to-use browser plugin that recommends high-quality articles. FeatherFeed's assistant Informy works exclusively for you and helps you to save time finding great reads. It tailors recommendations to your mood at any time of day.

We believe your personal data should be yours and we are building FeatherFeed such that you decide when you want to share that data with others

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Tech Sparkle

Tech Sparkle
Tech Sparkle

TechSparkle is providing latest tech news that helps to tech community update with latest trending news and update their knowledge.

TechSparkle.com is an active platform who providing useful information related Tech, Startups, Web, Entrepreneurs, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Gadgets Reviews, Software Reviews, App Reviews.

Location: CA, USA

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