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Betterconnect+ - Goal-based, collaborative care for chronic conditions

BetterConnect+ is a platform for providing goal-based, collaborative care to chronic as well as long-term care patients such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Ortho-pain, Pregnancy etc.
Build the relationship between patients and doctors, during and post consultation.
Helps patient to get answer to all their queries and they do not have to wait till appointment day.
Help doctors to share knowledge with patients liberally.

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flareAI for Shopify: Generate Sales on Google Search, on Autopilot

flareAI Helps You Generate Sales from Google Search, on Autopilot. Stop missing out. $10+ billion in eCommerce on Google every day. Over a billion domains compete to get on Google. Sadly, Google finds only 4% of the eCommerce content in the world

Location: Austin, United States

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