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Buckle Lock

Buckle Lock
Buckle Lock

Backpacks are insecure. Secure the buckles and secure your backpack.

Often, theft is the result of an easy opportunity. Very few thieves carry knives and scissors. Secure the buckles and secure your backpack.

Location: Sydney, Australia

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Chrome extension for Tinder helping its users have better conversations with their matches.

How many times have you found yourself sitting in front of an empty Tinder chat thinking “okay, now what?”.

Nobody’s perfect. Even if you’re the hottest guy on the block, with a cool profile and professional pictures, you’ve had you fair share of dry times.

We’ve sailed across the web to find the best openers so you don’t have to. With this Tinder Chrome extension you can:

- browse icebreaker ideas and use the ones you like
- keep conversations going with heartwarmers
- rate the lines that work for you
- browse lines by category or community rating
- save interesting replies and use them later

Location: London, United Kingdom

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