Foguru vs Teamfluent



Fast, secure, collaboration for entrepreneurs and family offices.

Foguru is a teamwork & collaboration app for entrepreneurs and family offices with many different teams working remotely on different businesses and projects. As a single shared source of truth, the act of updating Foguru replaces writing reports.



Agile #learning software for growing teams. Great for #training management, #onboarding and #compliance.

Teamfluent is a Learning Management System designed to help fast-growing companies develop a learning culture and build learning habits that deliver tangible results.

Following the principles of Agile Development and the recent trends in employee learning, we designed a solution that enables day-to-day learning habits for employees, in a flexible environment.

With Teamfluent you can organize learning items in your Learning Board, you can Create Courses, manage Trainings and view learning Stats and Reports.

As an employee, you can select courses that will improve your existing skills or help you develop new skills for both your personal and professional development. As a manager, you can create course modules with lessons and tests, measure learners’ progress and decide on the importance and relevance of each learning item in your plan.

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