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Fix your email spam problems and make the inbox your only destination folder

AI-based email deliverability platform for monitoring, spam testing, and maintaining your email deliverability by solving any spam issues. Our goal is to help marketers accelerate their sales by helping them send emails that drive revenue

95% - businesses use email as the main channel of communication
57% - Emails get flagged as spam
300B+ - revenue lost because of the low sending score.

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switchedOn For Teams

switchedOn For Teams
switchedOn For Teams

switchedOn aims to help users reach inbox zero while improving team communication at the same time.

switchedOn aims to help users reach inbox zero while improving team communication at the same time.

switchedOn is a secure team messaging app, but unlike other work chat, teams can link to their existing email providers like Gmail or Microsoft Exchange. Email gets an upgrade with annotated tasks which are integrated into the traditional email readers. Users can direct tasks to specific @colleagues through team messages, while the real-time task manager gives updates on progress and completion within team onBoards – a centralized layer of cloud data from email, chat, tasks, docs, and events. No task goes ignored.

switchedOn is a Singapore and US-based team communications startup. The one-year-old company launched their website in March 2015, is launching beta-testing in May 2015, and is currently accepting testers.

The company's founder, Jason Collins, hatched the idea over a year ago while tagging his own overcrowded inbox at a software company in San Francisco. switchedOn is Jason's fifth startup. The American entrepreneur was an early engineer at Wily Technology, enterprise software pioneer in the IT Application Performance Management (APM) space, which was acquired by CA Technologies for $400M. Jason now has a small team of developers in Budapest and Singapore.

To sign up or find out more, go to or @switchedOnTeams.

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