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Follow Per Click

Follow Per Click
Follow Per Click

Personalized Banner Ads That Follow Any Audience On Major Websites

We are a google-based SaaS for digital banner ads. Our approach is different from traditional advertising because we are not trying to show our ads to a large audience, but rather to specific people who click on a designated link provided by Follow Per Click. Users can display any message, image, or combination on major platforms for up to 30 days after anybody clicks on the link. Any individual entrepreneur, or small business, who wants to take advantage of the service just needs to be able to upload an image, provide a headline, and choose a call to action. Once Follow Per Click receives the information from a customer, via mobile apps or website, they create banner ads in all sizes availible. Follow Per Click then sends the dynamic ads back to the user for approval. Once approved they will make a link, embedded with cookies, for them to share with their audience. Whoever clicks on the designated link will then be followed with the personal ads on many websites, mobile applications, or video sites like YouTube.

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QUALITANCE develops revolutionary digital solutions that leverage next generation technologies - AI, blockchain, machine learning, IoT, AR, VR, bringing to life amazing user experiences.

QUALITANCE is a leading technology consulting company with focus on innovation and emerging technologies. We rely on a pragmatic innovation framework coupled with technology delivery capabilities for building scalable products.

The company was founded in 2007 and in 2016 it acquired LaunchPodium - the San Francisco experience design company founded by Mike Parsons, who previously served as managing director at 215 McCann in San Francisco. Following the acquisition, Mike joined QUALITANCE as managing partner.
Our board of advisors includes Tom Chi, the cofounder of Google[x], Robert Neivert – Venture Partner at 500Startups and Radu Cautis – founding partner of Medical Technology Venture Partners.

Location: București, Romania

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