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Favour takes the awkward out of introductions

Favour is an app designed to take the work out of networking. It provides easy, customizable email templates for the most common types of professional requests and introductions, and directly populates your email using the contacts in your phone. Whether you're looking for friends in a new city, professional mentors, or an introduction to someone at your dream company, with Favour, all you have to do it ask.

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ForwardMe delivers happiness worldwide

Weโ€™re obsessed with providing reliable, affordable international shipping solutions and package forwarding services.

ForwardMe services include product purchase, logistics, insurance, storage, re-packaging, package forwarding, freight, customs, tax, and advisory services, including market and use analysis, industry information, and promotional recommendations.

Thousands of global members have trusted ForwardMe to deliver simple, reliable shipping and shopping solutions.

Location: Newark, United States

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