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Automatic call dialler application for android

Calley is an auto dialer software that allows users to call multiple people without manually dialing their numbers. It is designed specifically for small businesses, start-ups, NGOs, and small sales teams. In this article, we cover its available pricing options. Ready to try Calley?

Location: Noida, India

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Founder Freebies

Founder Freebies
Founder Freebies

Get the handcrafted list of 130+ deals for startup founders

Don't spend all your money on the cloud or one tool if you can have it for half the price. With Founder Freebies you will have lifetime access to deals and freebies that will save your startup a lot of time and $$$. The list is constantly updated and grows day by day. Deals include all the coolest technologies: AWS, Stripe, Notion, Google Cloud, and many more. Get the handcrafted list of 130+ deals for startup founders.

Location: Trapani, Italy

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