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Online tool for remote teams to do retrospective and collaboration meetings.

FunRetro is an online collaborative tool for remote teams to do retrospectives and other kinds of meetings. It's very simple and easy to use.

Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

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Kotive is a meta-app with which you build taskflow apps. Make-tasks-flow faster & more effectively by making custom-made taskflow apps without doing any programming.

"Makers" design custom-made taskflows that consist of tasks strung together by conditions with the aim of achieving a goal. Conditions influence and control the flow from one task to the next.

Example taskflows: request for leave, ask for a quote from movers, interactive storybook and manage the crowdsourcing translation of a book. The permutations are limitless considering the combinations of Makers, their unique taskflow apps and the niche markets they service.

Team leaders design taskflow apps to automate "shadow business processes" for their teams. Entrepreneurs design and resell taskflow apps to solve needs within niche markets. Small business owners design taskflow apps to convert to e-business processes and become more competitive.

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