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The Jobs & Talent Acquisition Software You Ever Need

Caraup is a Jobs & Talent Acquisition Software. We have variety of features including to automate and deliver the hiring process faster.

Caraup’s software allows the team to source, interview, and hire credible talent and we aspire to provide radical ease of use for both parties to secure jobs and finding talents. Caraup able to automate your hiring pipeline such from jobs reqs to letters

Companies with Caraup increased their productivity, improved hiring decisions, and, most importantly, reached out to the best of the best talents they could explore.

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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Build better products.

GLIDR is a product discovery and validation platform built to help your team 1) build a shared understanding of customer needs, 2) prioritize what to build, 3) calibrate your go-to-market strategy, and 4) make smarter decisions across your innovation portfolio.

In 2012, co-founders Jim Hornthal and Steve Blank discovered the need for software to power the National Science Foundation’s I-CORPS Program. Since then, we've built on our initial MVP and GLIDR is now a leading product discovery and innovation management tool.

Our mission: Accelerate the future by empowering product managers, entrepreneurs and innovators of all types with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

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