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Content Weekly is a hand-curated roundup of the best tips and tools for content marketing and the art of blog writing. Everyone knows content marketing is highly effective, but it can certainly be challenging to execute. That’s why we started curating our own collection of handy resources for our own networks, as we truly believe selling with stories requires a diverse set of tools and knowledge. New resources surface daily, so don’t miss the best ones by subscribing to Content Weekly.

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Build better products.

GLIDR is a product discovery and validation platform built to help your team 1) build a shared understanding of customer needs, 2) prioritize what to build, 3) calibrate your go-to-market strategy, and 4) make smarter decisions across your innovation portfolio.

In 2012, co-founders Jim Hornthal and Steve Blank discovered the need for software to power the National Science Foundation’s I-CORPS Program. Since then, we've built on our initial MVP and GLIDR is now a leading product discovery and innovation management tool.

Our mission: Accelerate the future by empowering product managers, entrepreneurs and innovators of all types with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

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