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Focus Bear

Focus Bear
Focus Bear

Build habit routines, take better breaks, and ban distractions.

**Build habit routines, take better breaks, and ban distractions**

Use your time for what matters, without willpower. Focus Bear is a productivity app unlike any other, created by someone with ADHD for people struggling to stay focused at work or school.

**Stop procrastinating with timed habit routines.**

Finish your morning routine before you start work. Countdowns give you time to finish each task before you move on.

**Take productivity-‍boosting breaks.**

Complete your chosen break activity before you can keep working. Enjoy breaks that give your brain a rest and don't go too long.

**Block distractions‍ and get work done.**

Choose from 3+ focus modes, including Pomodoros, to stay focused on what you're working on.

Location: Melborne, Australlia

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If you have an idea, ideas or skills, put it out there to see what it can attract and what you can create.

To encourage and promote Entrepreneurs, Startups, Innovators, economic growth and businesses through social media. To inspire and encourage online for all diversities, people with disabilities and disadvantaged to become Entrepreneurs with economic independence, wealth and empowerment.
We need more entrepreneurs, innovators and successful startups to create more jobs, the jobs of the future and economic growth to lift people out of poverty into prosperity.

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