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Clean up your email inbox, privacy-first. Even works offline.

GoodByEmail is a privacy-first email inbox cleaner. It was made for those who are reluctant to provide third-party access to their emails.

We've built this app out of a personal need—our email inboxes were always getting cluttered, and nothing on the market met our standards for privacy. It seems we aren’t alone; lots of folks are dealing with inbox anxiety, swamped with clutter and endless emails, often long before hitting storage limits. And all this with no easy and private way to clean it up!

GoodByEmail is here to make that process painless, quick, and privacy-focused! To clarify, we take privacy extremely seriously. GoodByEmail was designed so that you don't have to "trust" our good intentions or privacy policy. By design we can't access your emails, even if we wanted to. Our AI engine analyses your emails locally on your device. We never upload your emails to our servers.

That's right—No OAuth tokens, no invasive permissions. Your emails never leave your computer. You can even use GoodByEmail offline. It's a small manual step for a major boost in privacy.

But here’s the real deal—while most solutions in the market are are solely focused on unsubscribes, we dive deep, providing insights into the biggest offenders filling up your inbox, not all of which are subscriptions. This helps you know exactly what to delete, giving you more control, and yes, we’ve also sprinkled in a handy unsubscribe option 😉.

Location: London, UK

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SmartChat Assistant

SmartChat Assistant
SmartChat Assistant

Craft customized AI assistants with our no-code dashboard and embed into any website.

SmartChat Assistant offers a dynamic platform to create, customize, and integrate intelligent chatbots effortlessly. With the ability to seamlessly integrate with OpenAI, local data sources, and existing websites, SmartChat Assistant becomes a versatile solution for industries aiming to elevate user interactions and operational efficiency. By integrating their own knowledge base, businesses can infuse their virtual assistants with domain-specific knowledge, enhancing the quality and accuracy of user engagements. SmartChat Assistants are available as pluggable widgets that can be embedded directly into any website in a matter of minutes.

Key Features include:
- Upload your own knowledge base to create industry-specific bots, ensuring precise and tailored interactions for users within your chosen domain. SmartChat Assistant supports various file formats, including PDFs and URLs.

- Seamlessly embed SmartChat Assistant into your existing website or application, ensuring a hassle-free and cohesive user experience. Enjoy the simplicity of our no-code dashboard, making it accessible to a broader range of users.

- Tailor the chatbot's responses, tone, & style to align with your brand's unique identity and specific business requirements. Whether you operate in healthcare, e-commerce, education, or finance, SmartChat Assistant offers a versatile solution, adapting to the unique demands of different industries.

- For businesses in the healthcare sector, SmartChat Assistant offers a dedicated HIPAA-compliant version, ensuring secure and compliant interactions.

- Built on the robust QuickBlox platform, SmartChat Assistant ensures scalability, high performance, and data security, providing a stable foundation for your business's evolving needs.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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