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Grabby is a cloud-based email address collecting platform

Grabby is a fast and efficient email address collecting platform. Users provide a list of websites and Grabby does the rest by searching each and every page for email addresses. The service runs entirely in the cloud, is active 24/7, and requires no software installation. It is very easy and intuitive to use.

Grabby’s efficiency is rooted in its powerful algorithms and the fact that it creates a dedicated server infrastructure for each user and project. Grabby allows setting up an unlimited number of projects which makes its service also infinitely scalable. Our service is therefore quite flexible and bespoke to each user’s needs.

Users can easily generate very extensive relevant and targeted email address contact databases to supercharge their marketing campaigns. Many of our users harvest email addresses ranging from thousands to even millions.

Very importantly, Grabby is very economical to run. After a small one-time project fee of $5.00, costs only accumulate on a per usage basis at rate of less than $0.05 per hour (specifically $0.0446/hour). All that makes the service very attractive for large as well as small customers, for start-ups, established businesses as well as established direct marketing firms.

Grabby was recently featured on several blogs, forums and product review sites. It received many compliments and great reviews. Customers describe Grabby as: “I love this product. $0.04/hr and $5 per a project. That's so cheap.”, “Great product, this came to me a couple days ago...”, “I forgot to say how cool this tool is. I'm so excited to use it.“,

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Planndu is the easiest way to manage your time. It's built for individuals to get you more productive and help develop good habits.

Planndu is a personal task manager and daily organizer that helps you to improve productivity and build lasting habits. It combines proven focus techniques to improve concentrations and get more of your day.

The app encourages you to work with sections, do smaller tasks, and take more breaks. Use drag & drop to set status, priorities, and deadlines in a flexible way.

Whether there is a project to plan, personal goals to achieve, work to accomplish, habits to track, or even a shopping list to share with your family, Planndu has all the tools required to manage your time.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

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