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Graphite Note

Graphite Note
Graphite Note

Predictive Analytics without coding.

Graphite is an automated predictive analytics web platform with a data storytelling capability. It is helping business experts and engineers without a data science background to bring the power of machine learning to their data analysis. The innovative thing about Graphite is that users can create a Data Story and easily share AI results with their team. That allows regular business people to understand possibly complex insights so they can apply them to business decisions

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The lightweight business phone for Slack teams

Many employees don’t have offices now. They might work remotely or in different timezones so they need light systems that will geographically scale quickly to suit where their employees and clients are.

Tools like Slack have allowed this collaborative way of working to become mainstream, paving the way for businesses to get rid of their old phone systems all together.

Ottspott embraces this change and allows you to easily to stay close to your clients while still feeding your team’s Slack addiction. With Ottspott, you to make local calls through the browser by using Slack. No complex coding, manual user management, no expensive phone sets: it allows you to work globally but communicate locally.

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