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Green Vision Solutions

Green Vision Solutions
Green Vision Solutions

We quantify CO2 emssions in companies for reports and stakeholders

Green Vision Solutions helps companies to economically meet reporting requirements and stakeholder demands for carbon metrics through the creation of their corporate carbon footprint by providing user-friendly carbon management software with a strong customised service offering.

Thus, Green Vision Solutions enables companies to continuously quantify, reduce and communicate their greenhouse gas emissions as part of a holistic climate strategy.
The Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), colloquially known as CO2 footprint or CO2 balance, is used to determine the annual greenhouse gas emissions for which a company is responsible. With the help of the Green Metrics software, customers can record their important consumption values in an uncomplicated and well-guided manner, including the emission figures that are required to comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
With the help of these figures, economically and ecologically sensible targets can then be set and potential savings identified. Green Vision Solutions then supports its customers in developing optimisation measures and communicating climate protection commitment at eye level.
The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), is used to determine the annual greenhouse gas emissions on a product specific level. By assessing the production and usage of a certain product, sustainability aspects of a product can be extracted and visualized.

Location: Mannheim, Germany

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Inspiring Bloggers

Inspiring Bloggers
Inspiring Bloggers

Discover and follow the most inspiring bloggers

Inspiring Bloggers is a curated list of the world’s most inspiring bloggers that will help you discover inspiration easily. It is a place where you can find giants who are willing to let you stand on their shoulders.

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