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Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards
Fetch Rewards

Snap every receipt, and earn free gift cards and cashback

Fetch Rewards is the #1 rewards app with over 13 million active fetchers.
Scan your receipts and earn cashback and rewards for free gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, Target, and Starbucks. No entering promotional codes, no tracking multiple reward programs on multiple apps, and no clipping coupons or barcodes. Just scan your receipt, tap one button, and earn rewards.

Location: Chicago, United States

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Human is Underrated, F*CK AI


Why try to turn a computer into a human when there’s a lot of us out there? Hal will be your everyday personal assistant, and it’s not a machine.

You pay for movies, apps and music when you could have them for free. Why not pay for an around the clock personal assistant who gives you refined human curated web content for everything?....
Everything like:
Hal, I want to go to a nice beach. Where could I go?
Send me a good rated pizza tonight at 8.
Why is the sky is blue?
Or everything you could possibly think of.
And again, it’s not a machine. A real human being will do all that work for you. And they will do their very best, so you can rate them as they will be able to earn more money by being better versions of Hal.
Hal won’t know who you are personally, and you won’t know who your personal Hal is. Every time you ask for something new a random Hal will be assigned to you.

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