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All-in-One App for Social Collaboration!

Hello Cirkl is the all-in-one app designed to revolutionize the way groups stay connected and organized. Feeling overwhelmed by the constant app switching needed to manage family schedules, team projects, or social circles? Hello Cirkl is your solution! Our user-friendly platform offers a suite of features that streamline communication and collaboration for any group.

Imagine a central hub where everyone can:
Connect seamlessly: Create secure "Cirkles" for family, friends, work teams, classmates, or any group you manage.
Communicate effortlessly: Chat with individuals or the entire group, keeping everyone on the same page.
Plan and collaborate: Develop shared to-do lists, assign deadlines, and track progress together. Effortlessly coordinate events with features like RSVPs and carpool organization.
Stay on track: Maintain a centralized calendar viewable by day, week, or month, ensuring everyone knows what's happening and when.
Make decisions quickly: Conduct polls and surveys to gather group input and make decisions in a flash.

Hello Cirkl goes beyond just an app – it's a collaboration hub! It fosters communication, simplifies organization, and empowers groups to achieve more, together. Download Hello Cirkl today and ditch the app overload for good!

Location: Chicago, United States

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Streamlined CRM Platform for Sales and Customer Support. Effortlessly centralize all customer relations in one place and reclaim countless hours of productivity.

Optimize your team's workflow with our CRM, replacing messy spreadsheets and overloaded CRM systems for simplicity and efficiency.

> Start by Adding Contacts: Staying connected to your contacts is a big deal. Check out Motivware—it's still evolving, but it's a fantastic starting point for keeping your team organized.

> Take Control with Our Ticketing System: Step right up to our ticketing system: Filter support tickets with ease and keep your team organized. Enjoy omni-channel support.

> Team Collaboration Invite Multiple Users: At Motivware, we're all about teamwork and making things flow smoothly. Let's create that awesome work vibe together.

> Create Tailored Surveys for Clients. Gain Insights: Empower your approach with our tool to craft personalized surveys for your clients. Tailor your questions to gain valuable insights, enabling you to provide highly individualized support.

> Empower Your Team with a Knowledge Base: Unlock a customer-facing knowledge base: Let users help themselves! Discover seamless organization and boost team productivity.

> Elevate Your Business with Contact Profiles: Enhance your business with our centralized profiles and note-taking service. Give it a try today and be part of our ongoing improvement journey

Location: Philladelphia , United States

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