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Akiflow is a Tasks + Calendars productivity app

Automatically import all your tasks from the world of other platforms (asana, Gmail, slack. todoist etc.) into 1 dashboard
Let you create a task in a second using shortcuts
Joins you to the zoom or google meetings, using notification. (that’s pain in the ass when you have to open the calendar everytime)
Manage tasks to organize your work load through out the day, clutter free!!

Location: CLAYMONT, United States

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Unlimited insight and analytics services from $399 a month!

hitmetrics.io is an unlimited analytics service for startups, small businesses, and agencies who need constant analytics support.

Business focused

Your business priorities are our priorities. We do analytics work according to what matters to you, making recommendations aimed at helping you improve your bottom line.

Actionable insights

We will analyze your data to help you decide on the best course of action to improve your customer retention, flow, and conversion.

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