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The extensive API service to get the bank information and validate the IBAN for e-commerce and finance business

Validating the IBAN and getting bank information from it is always a tricky task because most of the providers out there which offer similar services are either too much expensive or poor in terms of the available data.

Here comes the ibanapi.com into the picture, where it offers coverage for all the countries which adopt IBAN, and also a big database for most of the banks in those countries.
The service also offers a lot of ready-made integrations and help files to make it very easy to start integration with the API.
The service is focused on accuracy and performance, so it has almost daily updates for its bank registry to enhance the quality of the available data or add new banks to the list.

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Pedigreeable makes it easy to create beautiful, modern family trees.

Pedigreeable enables anyone to create beautiful family tree art -- show the generations of your family in fun and modern ways. These printable family trees make ideal gifts for births, weddings, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and many more special occasions.

At Pedigreeable, simply pick a template and color scheme, and personalize it with your family information (or use the import from the popular FamilySearch database)! In just a few minutes, you have a timeless piece of art for your family.

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