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InfoLobby is an online business data management and team collaboration platform that's blazingly fast, super secure, highly flexible, and has a high performant built-in automation engine.

InfoLobby is an online business data management and team collaboration platform.

Build tables for data with simple drag & drop and spread those tables over workspaces so that users can have access to only those tables they should.

Assign tasks to users and manage your delegated tasks easily.

Email is built-in so you can communicate with external contacts on your individual records.

The built-in automation engine is super powerful and fast. You can leverage the automation engine to modify your data, send emails, create PDF's, interact with any oAuth2 API, and much more.

The application works flawlessly in modern web browsers on any sized device, from your phone to your desktop.

Unlike similar platforms, pricing is tiered by user role, so you don't have to pay a fortune for all those regular users who only input occasional data.

Location: Toronto, Canada

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The Social Newtwork for Puzzle Players

Puzzlopia is a new Social Network where people can play and solve brain teasers for free. They socialize, follow their friends and are updated with their friends' achievements. Games are web based, so users can play on browser, mobile, tv or any browser-enabled device.

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