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AI-based browser extension for personalized adaptive video speed.

INTED is an AI-based browser extension that increases video comprehension, memorization and focus by introducing personalized adaptive speed. It optimizes the watch speed, removes long pauses, and silences, and trains the brain to keep focus and consume more in even less time.
By analyzing the video material, the AI adapts the video speed automatically to each user’s cognitive capabilities, removes unnecessary silences, and moreover, increases the playback speed in an unnoticeable manner to keep the user focused.
INTED is currently compatible with YouTube and Coursera, Simplilearn etc.

Users are asked to pass a cognitive questionnaire which was developed in cooperation with neuroscientists to identify each user’s comprehension base level. INTED uses a new metric to represent the base level – Comprehension Quotient (CQ).
The technology is powered by diverse AI algorithms to analyze video content, information and speech density, etc.
Based on the above the video speed is changed in real-time to match the user’s comprehension base level.
Silence removal algorithms are applied whenever there are pauses and dead air in the video leading to better comprehension and engagement.
Train the Brain feature increases the speed in an unnoticeable manner, helping the users stay focused throughout the video.

INTED is an additional button on the video player, and once clicked, the application will start analyzing and applying the right speed.Currently available in Google Chrome Store.

Location: San Francisco, United States

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Msp Panel

Msp Panel
Msp Panel

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