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Attackers reuse code. Use it to your advantage. Evolve your security faster than threats mutate

Intezer provides fast immunity against cyber threats. Intezer detects mutations of any threat seen in history by recognizing even the slightest amount of code reuse. This technology is helping security teams protect their cloud workloads and accelerate incident response.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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Your Local Cousin

Your Local Cousin
Your Local Cousin

Communicate with actual locals about your trip

With locals in over 200 cities worldwide, travelers get customized advice from real locals who share common interests at price points that are affordable. Our travelers get the "inside scoop" on where to find all the cool places locals love to visit and avoid the tourist traps. We are the next best thing to speaking with a friend who lives in the city you are visiting.

So the next time you're traveling, don't bother wading through information overload and sifting through biased reviews on review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor only to get stuck in tourist traps. Just connect with one of our locals!

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