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Iryna Maydanska

Iryna Maydanska
Iryna Maydanska

Collaborate with industry experts to create unique content that turns heads and drives leads with Augmented Experts content marketplace.

Augmented Experts helps companies scale their content marketing programs by connecting top industry experts in the US with brands, optimizing every aspect of content marketing with cutting-edge AI technology.

Augmented Expert's mission is to make your content marketing more effective by combining what humans can do – life experiences, deep industry expertise, social trust, and creativity – with the best of AI – research, plagiarism detection, style guide adherence, spelling, and grammar.

Augmenting the best of industry experts with the best of technology = Augmented Experts.

As a division of Tempesta Media, leaders in content marketing, we leverage the power and experience of our parent company. Augmented Experts is powered by our award-winning technology, Coreform™. It has been built over the past 13+ years and has been used to create over 80,000 articles for more than 400 companies. Powered by 1 million lines of code, Coreform™ elevates content to unprecedented levels.

Unlike traditional content platforms that rely solely on either human expertise or AI, Augmented Experts innovatively combines the strengths of both. This symbiotic relationship allows for the production of content that is not only efficient and scalable but also rich in quality and authenticity. Augmented Experts are the first to combine industry experts and AI in a content marketing platform.
This model disrupts the conventional content creation, democratizing access to high-quality content. It enables smaller businesses to compete with larger enterprises by providing them access to expert-driven content at an affordable cost.

In an era where AI is often seen as a threat to jobs, Augmented Experts presents a transformative narrative of AI as
an enabler and collaborator, fostering a positive social impact in the workforce.

Location: Michigan City, IN, USA, United States

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Simply Onno

Simply Onno
Simply Onno

Translating and explaining your medical documents with the help of AI

We help **patients & professionals** to understand any medical document and **assist** on the way forward by providing **guidance** in **simple** **language** leveraging AI technology.

Patients are eager to recover quickly. However, the information provided during medical appointments can be overwhelming and easily forgotten, with research indicating they retain only about half of what's shared during visits.

Medical documents like doctor reports and MRI scans play a crucial role in helping patients remember key details and understand their health better. However, these documents, primarily intended for professionals, often contain complex medical terminology, making comprehension challenging for patients. With healthcare providers now required to provide patients access to these documents, there's a growing demand for clearer, simplified medical information to empower patients in managing their health journey.

We are building a super simple, and easy-to-use web app that enables patients to scan their medical documents. Once scanned or photographed, the documents will be “translated” by an AI into simple patient language. Further, the service guides and assists on the complete journey, helping with the next best steps, finding the correct hospitals, or giving tips on nutrition and exercises.

Location: Berlin, Germany

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