isitfed Wi-Fi scanner vs Tallileo

isitfed Wi-Fi scanner

isitfed Wi-Fi scanner
isitfed Wi-Fi scanner

isitfed Wi-Fi scanner is a small gadget that discovers nearby Wi-Fi devices.

isitfed Wi-Fi scanner is a small gadget that discovers nearby Wi-Fi devices, such as phones and notebook computers. The discovered information is stored in Google Cloud, and is accessible to you through a real-time web interface from a link with a secuirty code you get with your purchase.

The scanner is sold from our shop on Etsy for $39, with free shipping in the U.S. Access to the basic activity information is included with the purchase of the scanner; access to the more detailed activity information requires a subscription for $9 per month.

Location: Palo Alto, United States

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personal finance in one app (track, save, share, invest, all in one)

We are building an online aggregation tool for personal finance. So the basic idea is that a user can do anything related to personal finance in one app. Some of the current benefits of the app are:
1. track finances
2. bill payments
3. subscription management (netflix, disney+)
4. customized offers based on your financial behavior
5. automatic import of investment data from all your brokers
6. save for dream buys and get returns on the locked-in money
7. all the features of Splitwise + a lot of additional goodies
8. all new budgeting system integrated with every other feature
9. settle debts with friends with one-click payments
10. beautiful financial dashboards
11. and much more. we are your one tool for everything personal finance. check

Location: Bangalore, India

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