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It’s the Bit

It’s the Bit
It’s the Bit

Any service. Anywhere in the U.S. Anytime. It's Legit.

It's the Bit is a new service that allows anybody to request any service, anywhere in the U.S., at anytime. From mundane but necessary tasks like tree removal, landscaping, or legal work, to more exotic tasks. Literally anything you can dream of. If you are unsure if we can do it, definitely ask and we’ll let you know. It can be something nice for someone (although it does not need to be nice). It can be something you want done anonymously (although it does not need to be anonymous).

Simply tell us what you want done and what you are willing to pay for it. Our only non-negotiable requirements are that we will not accept work for small projects that are less than $100 and the work must not be illegal. And obviously you must be reasonable in setting your price. We’ll respond to your offer and may need to negotiate on price if your initial offer is too low. We promise to be reasonable, and we’ll definitely deliver. Guaranteed. Either we’ll handle the project in house or we’ll use U.S.-based vetted professionals to help. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can try out our service with relatively smaller projects if you are skeptical. In fact, we are confident that we’ll over-deliver.

Note that once we agree on the task and the dollar amount, payment will need to be made in Bitcoin to our Bitcoin address, which makes things quicker, easier, and more secure (and helps you to remain anonymous, if that is what you want). We’ll send you an invoice over email from our Coinbase merchant account – we don’t collect any of your personal payment information. We are confident you’ll think It’s the Bit is legit.

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Startup Builder

Startup Builder
Startup Builder

Test The Viability Of Your Idea In 2 Weeks

Course-correcting through failure is costly. Not doing it at all is riskier. It’s an exponential rollercoaster. Nobody is returning your time and money.

What if your idea goes through the validation lifecycle and you can make your first sale in just 2 weeks instead of 6 months? Startup Builder is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to determine if your idea has potential, build your early-stage business, and make your first sale before losing your time and money. Proof of it is that I've made $1K in sales before building it, in just 2 weeks, following the process that you'll find inside.

Follow the 5 validation blocks, learn, execute, check, score and move on. Startup Builder will help you learn, execute, and validate:
- Audience / Market opportunity
- Problem
- Value Proposition + Positioning
- GoToMarket / Channels
- Willingness To Pay / Demand

Location: Washington, USA

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