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AI-Powered Tutor Transforming Education for Every Student

Jagoda is an innovative AI learning platform, designed for academic support across 30+ subjects. It adapts to individual learning styles, offers solutions in multiple languages, and understands both text and images. Ideal for quick, personalized educational assistance, Jagoda revolutionizes tutoring by making it accessible, interactive, and efficient for students worldwide.

Location: Cologne, Germany

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Web3 and Blockchain Development company

Nexcenz is Leading Blockchain Development Company provides high-quality services while developing platforms with features that mainly make use of blockchain technology. We provide a wide range of complete design and development services for cryptocurrency exchanges, including Crypto Exchange Solutions, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development, White Label Crypto Exchange Software, Crypto Trading Bot Development, P2P Crypto Exchange Development, OTC Exchange Development, DeFi Solutions, NFT Solutions, Crypto Wallet Solutions, Crypto Tokens, Gaming Solutions, and Metaverse Solutions.

At Nexcenz, we reconsider development by gathering a different set of scalable and interoperable technologies within a highly dynamic development environment. With attributes that redefined development, we are prepared to offer customers support both before and after the delivery of their product.

To give clients a flexible selection of solutions with the finest currently offered on the market, as well as to be an enthusiastic question solver and better solution provider. To combine technology and innovation while using common technology to meet the demands of the global market. We mainly concentrated on precisely resolving problems to satisfy client expectations.

Location: Chennai, India

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