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AI-Powered Tutor Transforming Education for Every Student

Jagoda is an innovative AI learning platform, designed for academic support across 30+ subjects. It adapts to individual learning styles, offers solutions in multiple languages, and understands both text and images. Ideal for quick, personalized educational assistance, Jagoda revolutionizes tutoring by making it accessible, interactive, and efficient for students worldwide.

Location: Cologne, Germany

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Receipt Cat

Receipt Cat
Receipt Cat

Effortless expense and income tracking for your small business.

Receipt Cat is an expense and income tracker for small business, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Features include intelligent receipt and invoice scanning, organization, reports, and more.

β€” Drag & Drop Receipts β€”
Easily import all your receipts by dragging and dropping them right into Receipt Cat. Your receipts will be safely uploaded and ready for you to access in your account at any time.

β€” Auto-Capture AI β€”
Receipt Cat will automatically scan your receipts and auto-capture the merchant name, taxes, totals, and more so you don't have to input data manually.

β€” Organized & Searchable Receipts β€”
Easily organize your receipts with our built-in categories or even add your own custom categories. Find what you need in an instant by searching your receipts.

β€” Reports Dashboard β€”
Our reporting dashboard shows your expenses and income over time and broken down by category. It's an easy way to see how your business is performing at a glance.

β€” Be Ready for Tax Time β€”
Filing your business taxes doesn’t have to be painful. Categories make it easy to itemize your businesses expenses come tax season.

β€” Digitize Paper Receipts β€”
There's no need for that shoebox of receipts. Snap a photo of your receipts and upload them to Receipt Cat. Your receipts will be easily accessible and safely stored.

β€” Meet Legal Record-Keeping Requirements β€”
Did you know the IRS recommends keeping financial documents for up to 7 years? Have peace of mind knowing you're covered

β€” Never Lose a Receipt Again β€”
No more guessing on where you saved that receipt. Keep them all in one place and never worry about losing a receipt again.

Location: Nashville, United States

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