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AI-Powered Tutor Transforming Education for Every Student

Jagoda is an innovative AI learning platform, designed for academic support across 30+ subjects. It adapts to individual learning styles, offers solutions in multiple languages, and understands both text and images. Ideal for quick, personalized educational assistance, Jagoda revolutionizes tutoring by making it accessible, interactive, and efficient for students worldwide.

Location: Cologne, Germany

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Chat with dope AI characters and get into some wild role-play scenarios on StoryChan

Chat with dope AI characters and get into some wild role-play scenarios on StoryChan! Whether you're looking for an AI bae or just trying to escape the boring life, StoryChan's got you covered. Pick a character or a vibe and start chatting for free.

We have characters and scenarios for every occasion, both SFW and NSFW:

Chat with your fave characters like Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen, Yae Miko from Genshin Impact or Hermione from Harry Potter.

Experience the thrill of having an affair with a billionare CEO or being in a polyamorous relationship.

Go on an adventure with Rick and Morty or the Fellowship of the Ring.

Unique Features :

Group chats / role-play scenarios : Explore scenarios with multiple characters, from polyamorous relationships to epic adventures.

Quality over quantity : StoryChan has over 10000 AI characters and role-play scenarios to choose from, each one of these was vetted and enhanced by AI to bring you the best AI chat / role-play experience. StoryChan characters come with rich backstories and depth, and the scenarios are creative.

Chat free or even locally :StoryChan has integration with leading cloud-based AI chat services with free tier, but also lets you download and chat with AI character locally on your computer using tools such as SillyTavern.

Download : Most websites make it hard to download AI characters, but on StoryChan you can export and download any character or role-play scenario.

Location: London, UK

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