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We maximize learner's engagement and reach up to 90% higher knowledge retention.

James.Games is a pioneering learning solution to strengthen learning and test newly acquired knowledge. 100% powered by games! This is a completely different approach than all other training solutions in the market. Instead of adding gamification elements and try to gamify learning, we deliver the training content 100% automated by the games themselves! The brain-strengthening power of video games is mixed with learning content to keep all students motivated and achieve maximum engagement.

Location: Gent, Belgium

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Automatically detect devices and users using, accessing or leaving your company network. No hardware. No agents.

ThingsPage Sensor software monitors your network and detects devices coming in and out of your office internal network. Sensor installed in your network automatically sees and classifies your wired and wireless devices such as Windows machines, Macintosh machines, VoIP phones, gateway, Linux machines, iPhones, Android phones.
Users can be redirected to a page to identify himself and request for network access type: member access or limited guest access. Similar to what you see when you try to use Wi-Fi at hotels or airports, all users in the network are redirected to a page to identify themselves.

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