Color Matcher vs Jepto

Color Matcher

Color Matcher
Color Matcher

Easily generate thousands of beautiful color palettes.

Color Matcher is a free online color palette generator within the suite that allows users to create beautiful color combinations through template selection, color wheel manipulation, and image color extraction. In addition, users can also test their palettes for color contrast compliance, export them in JSON, or save them to use for other creations. There are infinite color palettes, gradient, and color overlay generation via the power of AI.

Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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Jepto unifies your digital marketing data and helps you manage and automate your marketing

Jepto helps marketing agencies to manage their client portfolio through automation and data intelligence. Get insights from your Google Analytics data by generating predictive forecasts of KPIs and Anomaly detection. Create a range of automation jobs that can track Search Console keyword movements, notify you of changes to Google My Business listings and many more. Monitor your Google Ad spend with smart notifications, budget rollover and spend predictions.

With Slack, Zapier and Data Studio integrations you can work the way you want. Built especially for SEO and SEM agencies, the portfolio view will allow you to switch between clients and see how each client is performing so you know where to spend your time.

Location: Sydney, Australia

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