Clockwork Espresso vs Jobeautifier

Clockwork Espresso

Clockwork Espresso
Clockwork Espresso

the world's most precise coffee tamper

PUSH guarantees a perfectly level and reproducible tamp for any user, helping to create perfect espresso every time. It also significantly reduces the risk of injury to the user, compared with a traditional espresso tamper.

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Jobeautifier is a web tool that allows you to create attractive software developer job postings.

Using Jobeautifier you can create a compelling job posting, get a link to it and share it with developers in LinkedIn like you usually share Google Docs with job descriptions.

Developers like clear and concise job postings. So, instead of sharing boring job descriptions in Google Docs with them, you can share structured and beautiful job postings. And that will increase your response rates in LinkedIn.

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

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