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Remember, you are not alone on this journey. Together we can become stronger individuals.

Take a few minutes to look at which direction you are headed in life. Don't continue moving with the crowd. Get the right advice from the well known motivator: [email protected]
I want to challenge that by asking you if it is worth it. Is it worth following the crowd when you know, deep in your heart, it is not the direction you want to go?

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UsabilitySquare is a place where usability enthusiasts gather to test each other ideas and products.

All one has to do to get totally free and unbiased feedback from real people is to make an experiment, which practically means to: 1. upload a photo, 2. ask a question which can be answered by click, and 3. enjoy a heatmap, generated out of click answers of real people. While waiting for your heatmap, you can help other Squarers by answering to the questions for their experiments. From this moment on, you finally can start making validated and data-driven decisions totally free.

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