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Listen to music in sync with anyone anywhere.

JQBX Let's you listen to music with anyone anywhere in the world! You can vote on whats playing, chat, and save songs for later.

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telbee adds voice messaging and workflow to websites, social media, email and more to grow sales, save time, reduce customer frustration and win fans

telbee adds voice messaging to websites, social media, podcasts, email and more to build human relationships with your customers - save time, reduce frustration, and gain sales, understanding and fans.

Add customised voice recorders to your website, embedded on page or popups, and create standalone URLs you can link to from social media, podcasts, emails, QR codes and more. Your customers, visitors and community can speak their mind easily and naturally, then get on with their day - human communication, without the frustration!

Whether it’s sales questions, support needs, feedback, community interaction, testimonials or anything else where really hearing and relating matters, voice messaging makes it easy and convenient to listen to the people who matter most. Use the rich relationships and insights you build have more persuasive sales conversations, build your community, engage your advocates and more - all while saving time vs typing.

Listen to voice messages in a team inbox, or read them transcribed to text in 50+ languages, then assign to the right person to respond. Continue the conversation by voice message, including text, images and links too if helpful - or give the customer a call or email if better for them. telbee has loads of easy-to-use features to customise your voice channels to fit your usage cases and brand, and to speed up your voice workflow.

Show your customers you care, and consistently delight them with personal, human and authentic service that speaks to them. Then watch your revenue, relationships and reviews grow!

Location: London, United Kingdom

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