Blisk browser vs JUGG

Blisk browser

Blisk browser
Blisk browser

Blisk is a browser for web developers.

Blisk browser enables to build the website on desktop and mobile simultaneously. It has set of preinstalled phones and tablets with specific screen resolution, pixel ratio, user agent and touch event support. Mobile and desktop follow each other by URL and even scroll position. Page auto-refresh feature enables to refresh pages automatically every time you modify the code. Developer tools now are available for both mobile and desktop simultaneously. Blisk can take screenshots and record videos with autosaving to the personal cloud storage. Blisk notifies about page errors and missing files. Blisk is used in all phases of web development: prototyping, development, testing, and bug fixing.

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JUGG and Slim JUGG are customizable smart water bottles, that feature technology that includes a dual filter system, allows for water tracking, and other health-related features.

JUGG smart water bottles help users remember to drink enough water each day through the bottles notification system. They also help users complete their wellness goals, improve productivity and daily functions through optimal water consumption, based on biometrics, location, and lifestyle habits. In addition, JUGG strives to raise awareness about areas suffering from contaminated water and climate change. Through JUGGs hydro share program, we hope to improve access to clean water, clean water solutions, and renewable energy practices.

Location: Boulder, United States

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