Doubletick for Gmail vs JustCall

Doubletick for Gmail

Doubletick for Gmail
Doubletick for Gmail

Doubletick is an Email Tracking tool for Gmail, it adds double check marks in your sent box if it is read by recipient (Just like WhatsApp).

Get WhatsApp like read-receipts on opened emails in your Gmail Sent Box, Also track time of the email opened by recipient, Receive real-time pop-ups notification on your desktop when your emails are opened, Doubletick is the only email tracking tool which do not access your mailbox, you can track your emails without permitting full-mailbox access.

Location: Pune, India

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Cloud phone system for sales, support and remote teams

JustCall is a cloud phone system for small businesses to make support and sales calls to their international clients from a local number. You can generate & manage phone numbers from 58 countries and make & receive phone calls using these numbers from your mobile phone or desktop. In-built CRM, call recording and call scheduling makes your work easy, trackable and increases the productivity of your team. Having international phone numbers for your clients further improves your business's image and helps in increasing conversions.

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