K-meta - Get keyword ideas ! vs Signum City

K-meta - Get keyword ideas !

K-meta - Get keyword ideas !
K-meta - Get keyword ideas !

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Signum City

Signum City
Signum City

Trade stocks, win real gift cards and level up your money skills with this colorful, interactive real-time stock market simulation game.

In Signum City, players use fake money to trade stocks in real companies using real time data. Along the way they can win badges, pick up financial literacy concepts through fun quizzes, and win real gift cards playing in tournaments against their friends and family. We reach teens and young adults through humor using the broccoli in the mac and cheese play - it’s educational but wrapped up in a whole lot of cheese...oops, we mean fun!

It is well-documented that Gen Z & Gen Y know the importance of financial literacy but still have a lot of anxiety surrounding attaining it. We gamify the stock market to empower young people that deeply desire an accessible way to break down the education barrier surrounding investing.

Location: Austin, TX, United States

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