Kakebo vs Solstice



Kakebo is a personal finance education system for poor people.

Our service provides tools, strategy, and educational materials for people who tend to become financially independent:
— budgeting & expense tracking web and mobile app as the core;
— automated recommendations based on your spendings;
— educational courses recommended at the right time;
— online community for users to share their stories, support each other on their journey;
— local events with invited public speakers (tours).

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

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Solstice is an operating system for governance in low-resource regions.

Since what gets measured gets done, we approach the task of eradicating global poverty by building capacity to measure better and more meaningful data. We develop and host a free data management platform used in over 160 countries. Solstice also works directly with governments, civil society organizations, and academic researchers on data-driven approaches to reducing poverty. With the Solstice app you can map sites, record any kind of surveys, and manage them effectively in real time. With our grab-and-go Management Information Systems you can use the data you collect to effectively boost your decision-making.

Location: New York, USA

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