Kedra Live Chat & AI Chatbot vs Vizzu

Kedra Live Chat & AI Chatbot

Kedra Live Chat & AI Chatbot
Kedra Live Chat & AI Chatbot

Introducing Kedra Chat: Enhance your Shopify store with seamless live chat and AI support, boosting sales and delivering exceptional customer service 24/7.

In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, providing exceptional customer service is paramount to success. Our project aims to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by integrating Kedra Chat into our Shopify store. Kedra Chat offers a seamless combination of live chat and AI chatbot functionalities, enabling us to respond to customer inquiries promptly and efficiently, 24/7.

By implementing Kedra Chat, we will be able to communicate with our customers directly from the Shopify admin panel, streamlining the support process and saving valuable time. Moreover, the AI chatbot feature will assist in recommending products and guiding customers through their shopping journey, ultimately boosting sales and improving conversion rates.

Additionally, Kedra Chat provides valuable analytics insights, allowing us to understand customer behavior, preferences, and demographics better. With this data, we can make informed decisions to optimize our marketing strategies and enhance the overall shopping experience for our customers.

Through this project, we aim to empower our team to deliver outstanding customer service, cultivate stronger relationships with our customers, and drive sustainable growth for our Shopify store.

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

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Vizzu is a cinematic data visualization tool that lets you effortlessly transform data into memorable, animated chart presentations.

Vizzu is a cinematic data visualization tool that effortlessly transforms data into memorable, animated chart presentations. With Vizzu, anyone can create immersive and clean-looking animated data stories.

Creating charts with Vizzu is as easy as shaping clay in your hands. The interface shows results immediately, making it easy and intuitive to test different views and chart types. Instead of spending hours working with pivot tables to find correlations, you just add data series into the canvas, which instantly generates animated and interactive charts.

Vizzu uniquely intertwines data analysis and visualization. Run a wide range of analytical operations, like checking cross-metrics, and drilling down into subcategories using filters and simple gestures on your charts.

Vizzu also provides chart suggestions best suited to the data you are working with, helping you to build great data stories.

Charts created with Vizzu form a series of slides connected by automatically generated animations. Show your data story easily to anyone using the presentation mode. You can easily address questions on the fly by highlighting data points with a simple click (or tap). Easy interaction with the data, even during presentations, facilitates involvement and collaboration with the audience. There's no longer a need to defer requests to offline discussions; you can address them immediately.

Vizzu is focusing on helping you and your team to collaborate and comprehend data more easily. Save significant time on visualization tasks, and build clear, and impactful stories.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

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