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KICKICO is a company for crowdfunding and crowdinvesting in cryptocurrency.

ICKICO sits at the intersection of two young industries: blockchain and crowdfunding. Both of these industries have great potential, but both are rife with failed projects and outright scams. KICKICO moves crowdfunding from centralized platforms (such as Kickstarter) to Ethereum-based smart contracts. This not only allows us to implement the crowdfunding model in a decentralized way - significantly reducing overhead - it also provides a mechanism to protect backers from failed projects: guaranteeing their investment with blockchain-based tokens called KickCoins. KICKICO will provide users with a powerful, convenient, and up-to-date platform for both ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and crowdfunding campaigns.

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Turkey's finest clothing

Welcome to Lavnt, a brand made with love and dedication to present only the finest clothing from Turkey to the World.

Our name “Lavnt” comes from the Turkish word “Lavanta” which means Lavender. Were inspired by the flower to present rich colours, beauty and uniqueness in all our products and services, and we build our brand around the idea that modest clothing should be comfortable and stylish. What makes our products the finest are the finest fabrics and the finest design..

Following the increase of global demand in modest fashion, Turkey is becoming a leading modest fashion hub in the world. The Turkish textile industry is among the worlds top ten, presenting a unique Occidental-Oriental spirit. Therefore, in Lavnt, we give you the opportunity to experience Turkeys finest and most loved styles straight to your door.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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